News Flash! Ohio Pet Expo Pictures!

Pam F. was wonderful enough to share this synopsis of the events at the Ohio Pet Expo this weekend, “Here’s a few pics I took while at the Save Our Savannahs booth this past weekend in Ohio. Brigitte C., Elena C., Jennifer G. and I manned the booth, talking to people about the possible Savannah breed ban in Ohio featured in SB310. We collected over 1000 signatures on postcards and petitions asking senators to change the wording of the bill to exclude Savannahs. We felt we made quite an impact, and almost every person we talked to thought the bill was ridiculous for including Savannahs on a par with lions and tigers….we couldn’t have done it without our wonderful kitty ambassadors and all the behind the scenes help from many others!”

Better yet- Pam F. has pipictures of the event!

We Love Our Savannahs: Part IV Sunday Evening Edition

Well, we are wrapping up our ‘We Love Our Savannahs’ weekend- but really, it’s a lifetime event! We so love these cats!


Kathy M. sent in this wonderful picture of her and her Savannah cat! New hat?










This is a Savannah cat with his very own hiking buddy! But yes- we are told- kitty usually does most of the walking!








Julie P. sent in this post of her Savannahs keeping her Hubby from leaving the couch!










Trish sent in this post of her eskimo-kissing her F6 Savannah kitten!










Marissa sent in this photo of her son snuggling his very own SBT Savannah cat!







Emily A. sent in this photo of her very own Savannah Cat love!

We Love Our Savannahs Part III: Sunday Morning Edition

Wow, we are receiving some wonderful pics of Savannahs and their families to share over this weekend! Please remember- tell your legislators NO to hybrid cat bans in your state- and specifically- Ohioans- now is the time to tell them you want this beautiful breed to be allowed to still live with their families in your state! Right now, legislators are trying to paint the current bill, which includes banning Savannah cats, as a bill that still permits ownership- it is actually a very unrealistic bill that will force Savannah owners to either move out of the state of Ohio or to get rid of their family members if they cannot move!

Now onto the gorgeous photos!

Amy K. sent in this photo of her and the girls- F2 and F6 Savannahs!

Denise W. sent in this pic of her F6 Savannah snuggling with Bert!

Evelyn sent in this photo of her then-12 year old enjoying quiet time with her F1 Savannah!

Jacqueline L. sent in this picture of her and her F2 Savannah!

Kelly Ann B. sent in this picture of her and her best pal Savannah!

We Love Our Savannahs Part II, Saturday Evening Edition

Our Savannahs are a part of our family! We love them just like you love your own kitties! Please help stop hybrid cat bans and tell your Representatives NO in OHIO!

Stay tuned for more Savannah Love pics tomorrow morning!

F6 Savannah kitten with his special human









Jacqui L. with her gorgeous F2 Savannah









Evelyn snuggling her handsome F1 Savannah







Julie P. sent in this photo of her F3 Savannah snuggling with her husband!







Alisha sent in this special photo of very young headbutts from her F5 Savannah!







F1 Savannah giving owner a new hair do! Savannah love comes in all shapes and form!







Sherry J. shared this photo of her and her phenomenal Savannah cat!







Johanna M. sent in this picture of her young Savannah and Pawpaw!









Jennifer L. sent in this wonderful photo of Savannah cuddles!