Why ‘Save Our Savannahs’?

Perhaps you are an avid Savannah cat enthusiast and you are wondering, why have a blog named ‘Save Our Savannahs’?

Or perhaps you are newly acquainted with this breed and want to know what is there to save?

Let me explain…

Savannah cats are a wonderful, intelligent, loving breed of cat, recognized by The International Cat Association (TICA) as a Championship breed as of May 1, 2012. This breed of cat originated by breeding an exotic cat, the African Serval, with a domestic cat and then repeated breeding back to domestics to create a breed of cat that exhibits the exotic good looks of the Serval with a more domestic bloodline. The cats you will see in the show halls as of May 1st will have 12 percent or less exotic blood within them due to restrictions within championship classes within TICA; however, throughout the world, there are Savannah cats with more and less exotic blood and yet, most of them are perfect family pets.

For example- we own F1 Savannahs. They are 50% African Serval and 50% domestic. You will see throughout the photo essays in this blog that they co-exist peacefully with our children and other pets. We have friends with higher percentage Savannahs- we have a lot of friends with lower percentage Savannahs. The one mainstay when discussing this breed isn’t color or even type, but their wonderful personality.

Now, we shall discuss the purpose of this blog…

Due to our cats’ exotic heritage, whether it is barely there or within a generation of our own cats, they are being targeted by anti-exotic pet laws throughout the United States. While the general public thinks that exotic pet laws are in place simply to ban the neighbors owning a tiger or lion in their backyard, this simply is not true. The exotic pet laws that are presented state-by-state often slip in an anti-hybrid clause as well. This means no hybrid CATS- which includes Bengals (TICA’s number one breed of cat in 2012) and Savannahs.

We cannot sit quietly anymore and watch as each state fights, one by one, some winning- some losing. Savannah cat owners are losing their rights to own their PETS on a monthly basis! We MUST step up and save our rights as responsible pet owners and SAVE OUR SAVANNAHS.

What will this blog encompass in that light?

We shall share with you law and legislation as it develops in regard to hybrid breed bans as well as exotic pet bans. Yet, you will find this information on other sites as well- we recommend Rexano.org.

What we will concentrate on, therefore, will be sharing photos and videos of Savannah cats with their FAMILIES. Savannahs with children, Savannahs with other pets, Savannahs on the go… We want to dispel the horrible myths and nonsense found throughout the web and the country about Savannah cats. These are not WILD cats. They are not mini-leopards waiting to eat a small child. They are loveable, humorous, adoring and adored members of our family!

So please- if you have any pictures/videos you would like to share with SoS- let us know! We will be sure to credit you! Thank you!



2 thoughts on “Why ‘Save Our Savannahs’?

    • Thanks 🙂 They are a lot like Bengals as in they use an exotic cat in the foundation of the breed. A big difference, however, is that the African Serval is a very social exotic and even though he is bigger then a domestic, his personality meshes more with mankind while the Bengal used the Asian Leopard Cat in their foundation and the ALC is a solitary cat and therefore, Bengal breeders have had to work very hard to create a good temperament in their kitties. SV breeders are lucky- the Serval naturally has a good disposition and the cats we have outcrossed to are wonderful breeds too in that aspect. Anyways, I’m happy to have introduced you to the breed!

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