World’s Tallest Kitty & His Bud

Debby M. sent in this gorgeous photo of her grandson, 15 months old, walking with Trouble, F2 Savannah- also officially the World’s Tallest Cat.


4 thoughts on “World’s Tallest Kitty & His Bud

    • What is really amazing is how sweet Trouble is! He is a really really nice boy! We’ve had the honor of spending time with him in the show hall at one of the TICA shows!

  1. The best part about Trouble is he is a total love bug. I have had the honor of
    spending time with him and his Mom Debby and I have never met a more laid back cat. His size is awesome but is loving personality makes him even more special. It’s extra fun though to wake up with him cuddled up next to you. >^-^<

    • You have that absolutely right- Celina- Trouble is a wonderful cat and his Momma is a great lady! She works very hard to ensure everyone knows that Trouble is not a typical representative (size-wise) of our breed, although his sweet personality definitely is! We are blessed to have Debby and Trouble as an important part of the Savannah cat community!

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