We Love Our Savannahs Part II, Saturday Evening Edition

Our Savannahs are a part of our family! We love them just like you love your own kitties! Please help stop hybrid cat bans and tell your Representatives NO in OHIO!

Stay tuned for more Savannah Love pics tomorrow morning!

F6 Savannah kitten with his special human









Jacqui L. with her gorgeous F2 Savannah









Evelyn snuggling her handsome F1 Savannah







Julie P. sent in this photo of her F3 Savannah snuggling with her husband!







Alisha sent in this special photo of very young headbutts from her F5 Savannah!







F1 Savannah giving owner a new hair do! Savannah love comes in all shapes and form!







Sherry J. shared this photo of her and her phenomenal Savannah cat!







Johanna M. sent in this picture of her young Savannah and Pawpaw!









Jennifer L. sent in this wonderful photo of Savannah cuddles!


8 thoughts on “We Love Our Savannahs Part II, Saturday Evening Edition

  1. Just build a Fence around you homes,with TITANIUM about 500 feet tall,that will keep those killer Cats from scaring or attacking all these PARANOID,IDIOT,PEOPLE in the Country….Its like they all say PIT-bulls,passive smoke,and Texting is KILLING EVERYONE..

    • That’s about what the Ohio bill expects… Well- no, if the bill passes- Savannah owners in Ohio can keep their cats (be grandfathered in), but they will pay between $500-$2000 a year for each permit for each cat and they will be required to get dangerous animal insurance upwards of a million dollars. Really? (This is for the exotic owners as well). So basically, they are SAYING they will let people be grandfathered in, but realistically, no one is going to be able to afford this! Unless you are rich and who among us is?

      • Well look at it this way,Pit bulls rank 15th in the USA in Bites,the poodle ranks number one last time i read, shepards, rottwiellers,chows.etc are way above anything pitbulls do to people,so many cities ban them .Yet Alcohol is the Biggest cause of death and disease,rape,murder,accidents.child and spousal abuse,suicides,at a cost to the Public of $ 290 Billion a year Ok,So what do they do about that ? Ban Smoking and aloow drinking of Alcohol everywhere and anywhere children are present…..So thus we may see or not “UPSIDE DOWN AMERICAN Society”

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