We LOVE Our Savannahs!

In honor of the Save Our Savannahs booth in Ohio at the Pet Expo this weekend, we will share photos of our everlasting love of this wonderful, hilarious breed of cat!

Yes- we love our Savannahs and please, say NO to hybrid cat bans everywhere!

Kristine A. sent in this pic of Savannah love (featuring Brigitte C. and her adorable Savannah!)







DJ C sent in this picture- it looks like love to me!










Alissha sent in this picture of her and her darling F5 Savannah.







Rylie sent in this gorgeous photo of her and her adorable F2 Savannah!











Melisa P. sent in this cute cozy pic of her cuddling her F3 Savannah!








Bubba P. parents’ sent in this picture of Bubba and an F6 Savannah!


2 thoughts on “We LOVE Our Savannahs!

    • Thank you! It is their personality that you fall in love with over and over again though! We just want to be able to share our breed and continue enjoying our breed throughout the United States and hope more people come to see that Savannahs are wonderful family members- not wild cats that need to be banned or shunned!

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