News Flash! Ohio Pet Expo Pictures!

Pam F. was wonderful enough to share this synopsis of the events at the Ohio Pet Expo this weekend, “Here’s a few pics I took while at the Save Our Savannahs booth this past weekend in Ohio. Brigitte C., Elena C., Jennifer G. and I manned the booth, talking to people about the possible Savannah breed ban in Ohio featured in SB310. We collected over 1000 signatures on postcards and petitions asking senators to change the wording of the bill to exclude Savannahs. We felt we made quite an impact, and almost every person we talked to thought the bill was ridiculous for including Savannahs on a par with lions and tigers….we couldn’t have done it without our wonderful kitty ambassadors and all the behind the scenes help from many others!”

Better yet- Pam F. has pipictures of the event!


5 thoughts on “News Flash! Ohio Pet Expo Pictures!

  1. I love the pics with the dogs and cats integrating at this event. The main reason I got my first Savannah is to integrate with my extremely active dogs. They aren’t as easily spooked by my dogs as some cats are. Not to mention, when they get stepped on, knocked over, or barked at, they are far more forgiving then many cats. Savannahs are tough cookies in a beautiful package!
    Now I have more Savannahs than dogs!

    • Thanks for the comment 🙂 We think you are totally correct- tough cookies in a beautiful package is a great way to sum them up! You are now entered for a Fazio’s charm!

  2. Absolutely love the pics of the Savannahs interacting with the children at the Pet expo….especially knowing that this is a public event where the children are not children that the cats are familiar with, yet you can see how socialized the cats are and how affectionate and playful they are! As well as a strange dog sniffing around and seeing the Savannah at ease 😉 Beautiful, confident, amazing animals and I am blessed to be owned by one!

    • We think those are special pics too! Thanks for the comment, Cindy, you are now entered to win a Fazio’s charm!

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