He’s Not Heavy- He’s My Savannah

Margitta, from Germany, sent in this wonderful pic of a gorgeous Savannah on the perfect perch! Yes, Savannahs are a world-wide phenomena! 


Remember- Savannahs are now in the Championship class as of Tuesday, May 1st, 2012!

Congratulations, all Savannah breed enthusiasts and particularly those tromping through the show halls weekend after weekend- all of your hard work and devotion paid off! Now, onto your titles! While we don’t expect any Supremes next week (or even next month!)- it’s exciting to ask yourself, “WHO will be the FIRST Savannah to become a Supreme in TICA?” (For that matter- which Savannah will be our very first Champion? Exciting days! Makes us giddy over here!)

Pam F. sent in this picture of a row of Savannahs patiently waiting to be judged at a TICA cat show!

Savannahrama Fun!

Savannahramas were held during the breed’s time in the New Breeds’ ring… During these rings, ribbons were distributed for all types of titles- from perfect ears, the best nose to the biggest clown! Darlynne D. sent in this adorable picture of her F2 Savannah in one of the Savannahramas held!

Wake Up, Ohio!

News on the Ohio bill being passed…

For those who haven’t been following this closely- initially, Savannahs were on the banned list, lumped in with all exotic pets, in the state of Ohio. Now, Savannahs have been listed as exempt from the ban, but as this update will explain- Ohio is basically trying to keep its options open to replace any exempted animals BACK onto the ban list… This is bad news, folks.

Copied with permission:

Well, unfortunately for everyone in the state of Ohio and the U.S., the Ohio Senate passed the DWA, SB 310 today – 30-1…a total travesty of justice. The bill now goes to the House and we all better work hard and pray they do not pass the Senate version.

The HSUS is praising the Ohio Senate, so you know that is a bad sign.

And to make matters worse, there had been an amendment introduced on Tuesday that would make it difficult to add exempted animals back on the list (savannah)..well, that was completely negated today – the committee slipped it back into the bill. So the savannah is NOT safe in Ohio…no animal is safe…so all you savannah owners in Ohio…listen up and help out…don’t sit back and wait for someone else to do it for you. You have a Savannah? Well, if things continue as they are, the savannah can be added back in at any time, could be banned and then you will be in the same boat as everyone else.

We will update you here on what steps need to be taken to kill this bill entirely, so stay tuned…and if you are in Ohio, you need to work your tail off and join up with the Ohio groups trying to stop this. If you are not in Ohio, there is still something you can do and we will outline those steps in the coming days.

Thank you for your support – we need to stick together…right now the serval is banned in Ohio as of 2014!!! There would be no savannah if not for the serval – remember that and fight for the serval!


Smile for the Camera!

In honor of the Savannah cats entering Championship status on May 1st, 2012, we are going to feature gorgeous Savannahs in the show halls all week long!

Lilli A. was thrilled this morning to wake up and see her gorgeous Savannah showcased in the local newspaper! This is 5-month old Penny at a cat show. Article posted here… Cat Show Held For First Time in Westminster