Look At Those Spots!

 Kristine A. sent in this photo of Pat Harding, a TICA judge, examining a Savannah in the show ring… Remember- Savannahs are advancing from the Advanced New Breed ring into the Championship ring May 1st, 2012! We hope to share many photos of Savannahs in the Championship rings starting next month!

And don’t forget- all this week- the Save Our Savannahs contest for a Fazio’s Savannah charm is running… Details below…

Save Our Savannahs is extremely excited to announce its very first SoS contest!What can you win? SoS has a beautiful Savannah cat charm in sterling silver, normally retailing at $59.00. This exquisite charm, hand crafted and donated to SoS by Fazio’s Cat Jewelry, is perfect to wear as a small pendant or on a keychain!How can you win? Well, that’s easy! Comment on the Save Our Savannahs blog at http://www.saveoursavannahs.wordpress.com/between midnight 4/15/12 and midnight 4/22/12 and you’ll receive your first entry!

But we’re not happy with only giving you one chance to win! Up your chances of bringing home this gorgeous Fazio’s charm by registering at www.savannahcatchat.com and in your introduction on the Intros board- mention that SoS directed you to the site! For those who are already members of SavannahCatChat.com, simply post on the site your favorite blog entry from Save Our Savannahs between midnight 4/15/12 and midnight 4/22/12! That’s right- you can have two chances to win this wonderful, whimsical sterling silver charm from Fazio’s Cat Jewelry!

Don’t own a Savannah cat? We still want you to enter our contest! In the end, we are simply all cat lovers- head over heels in love with our whiskered, mischievous kitties!

Contest will run from midnight April 15th , 2012, PST until midnight April 22nd, 2012, PST. All blog comments will be entered into the drawing. In order to qualify for the second entry, please ensure you mention SoS on the SavannahCatChat forum! Winner will be announced at noon on April 23rd, PST, on the Save Our Savannahs blog, the SavannahCatChat forum, and on SoS’s Facebook page!

See more of Fazio’s Cat Jewelry- different breeds, poses, etc- here… http://www.fazioscatjewelry.com/
Good luck!

4 thoughts on “Look At Those Spots!

    • Well, any intelligent judge would be! Now if only the CFA judges would start looking beyond the Savannah heritage and at the actual cats themselves! You are now entered to win a Fazio’s cham!

  1. Ilove my savannah and could not or would not live with out…they r nicer then my3dogs hunter gives me kisses every day all day and he loves my children and grandchildren…

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