Young & Old

Mary G. sent in this great photo of her F5 Savannah posing with his 19 year old Burmese buddies. Yes- you read that right- NINETEEN year olds! 


5 thoughts on “Young & Old

  1. Lovely Savannah boy and so glad he’s nice to his more elderly friends …mind you, from my mother’s Burmese I think I learned that their personalities are strong enough to hold their own with any cat! LOL!

    • So from that reply, I’m assuming the breed knows better then to let a young whippersnapper push them around?

      • No, I think I phrased it wrong, I meant that the Burmese was very good at holding their own! Savannahs tend to be rambunctious and exuberant, but not mean cats in any way…

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