Super Show Star!

Kelly shows off her F5 Savannah in the show hall!


I’m a Super Star!

Kelly sent in this picture of her F6 Savannah at a cat show!







Want to help ‘Save Our Savannahs?’ If you own a Savannah, Bengal or Chausie—please take the less than 5 minutes to fill out this survey to help gather pertinent information about these breeds which will help in our fight against hybrid cat bans.
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After you’ve finished the survey, feel free to email SoS pictures of your Savannahs out in public, at cat shows, with their people, with other animals, out as a therapy cat at!

Auctions for a Cause and out and About!

A very important auction is in the works right now- check it out! It helps Savannah Rescue, which is a nationwide organization, and the Savannah Cat Legal Fund- a new organization created to help STOP Savannah cat bans and educate people about this wonderful breed of cat!

Auctions for a Cause!

Shelly submitted this photo of Brigitte with two F5 Savannahs at a cat show!


Savannah Champions!

Mary G. sent in this picture of her F5 being judged in the ANB ring. For those who have not heard, Savannahs entered the Championship class as of May 1st, 2012, and if memory serves- three have achieved Championship status already! Way to go, Savannah enthusiasts!


Remember- Savannahs are now in the Championship class as of Tuesday, May 1st, 2012!

Congratulations, all Savannah breed enthusiasts and particularly those tromping through the show halls weekend after weekend- all of your hard work and devotion paid off! Now, onto your titles! While we don’t expect any Supremes next week (or even next month!)- it’s exciting to ask yourself, “WHO will be the FIRST Savannah to become a Supreme in TICA?” (For that matter- which Savannah will be our very first Champion? Exciting days! Makes us giddy over here!)

Pam F. sent in this picture of a row of Savannahs patiently waiting to be judged at a TICA cat show!

Savannahrama Fun!

Savannahramas were held during the breed’s time in the New Breeds’ ring… During these rings, ribbons were distributed for all types of titles- from perfect ears, the best nose to the biggest clown! Darlynne D. sent in this adorable picture of her F2 Savannah in one of the Savannahramas held!